Tuesday, May 11, 2010

JISHUKEN STEP 2 - Theme Selection

In this step we will determine what will be the theme of jishuken. The theme is usually determined from the results analysis of past and forecasting data.
The analysis process is important so the theme determination of improvement that will effect the results.

Beside that, with theme selection step, the jishuken team will get the commitment from the top management for all the effect such as costs, supporting and implementation in production line. That's why we need to analyze accurately in this step.

Here is the step to complete the theme selection step:
  1. Data Searching / Researching & Analysis (past and forecast data).
  2. The data is used usually :
    • 10 biggest customers
    • 10 biggest type
    • 10 biggest rejection
    • 10 biggest repair
    • 10 highest stock over
    • 10 biggest overtime
    • 10 largest customer claim
  3. Clarify the Problems
    Clarify all the problem that linked with data above. Make all the problem clear and there is no hidden problem.
  4. Discuss with Management
    • Present all the data available to management
    • Make conclusions from data - the data presented
    • Request approval from management for the selected theme based on data
    • If management agrees, use the above data to determine the theme
    • If management does not agree, determine the selected theme, but must refer to the above data, eg data in second, third
    • Create reasons why choosing themes that are not Pareto
  5. Theme Selection and Decision
    • Set the selected theme
    • Show photo part and its position in the end product
    • Determine the initial target for parts such jishuken:
      - Reduce lead times 50%
      - Reduce 30% rejection
      - Reduce 100% repair
      - Reduce 50% stock
      - Reduce 25% over time

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