Sunday, December 27, 2009

JISHUKEN STEP 0 - Training

Training usually is held about one week. The purposes of training basically are:
  1. Evaluate TPS theory understanding & skill level of all Jishuken members (before training).
  2. All members join training (Stop 6 Introduction, TPS Introduction, JIT (Just In Time), 12 Steps of QAC (Quality Assurance Chain), Standardized Work, 17 Steps of Productivity).
  3. Evaluate theory understanding of all Jishuken members (after training) & skill level (before Jishuken).
  4. Based on evaluation result, set up target level up for each member (level up target should be step by step, do not jump to the high level).
Training will make sure all members have been ready to implement all the steps.

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