Sunday, February 07, 2010

JISHUKEN STEP 1 - STOP 6 (Safety Toyota Zero Project)

STOP is an acronym for Safety Toyota Zero Project. There are 6 types of accidents in STOP 6, mostly related with equipment / machine. They are:
  1. Apparatus, accidents caused by caughted in machine
  2. Big Heavy, accidents caused by heavy object hitting
  3. Car, accidents caused by transportation accident
  4. Drop, accidents caused by dropped from high place
  5. Electric, accidents caused by electrical contact
  6. Fire, accidents caused by hot object contact, or exposed to flames
Classification level based on hazard and risk ranking:
  • Rank 1 (Red) ; Death , Disability ,Lost of Organ
  • Rank 2 (Yellow) ; Injury ,Production shutdown/ Lost Working Day (LWD)
  • Rank 3 (Green) ; Little injury (no absent) ,No production shutdown / Non Lost Working Day (NLWD)

Here 7 Steps of Safety Assurance:
  1. Patrol Check base on STOP 6 by Jishuken team
  2. Making rank criteria by company management
  3. Confirm Actual Patrol Check by Company Management
  4. Company Decision (Ranking category)
  5. 4M analysis
  6. Countermeasure for Safety Assurance (Permanent & temporary base on 4M)
  7. Company Standardization (Discuss with Management linked to productivity & quality)


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